Policy on Provenance Claims

The policies relating to this section are part of the Business Principles adopted by Mira Gems and are presented below for reference:
“The company shall ensure all its Provenance Claims made will be fully valid along with available evidence to support the Claim(s)”.
The company shall ensure that all claims and statements (made to consumers or other businesses) on practices in the supply chain and the origin or source of Diamonds, Synthetics, Gold and / or Platinum through the use of both descriptions and symbols are valid.
The company shall ensure that there will be no attempt to mislead consumers through illustrations, descriptions, expressions, words, figures, depictions or symbols relating to the Provenance Claim(s). The company implements suggestion/complaint/grievance procedure and publically display contact details of compliance officer/promoters where anyone can register their concerns. Further the company set mechanism of internal audit at regular interval to ensure compliance with respect to provenance claim.
The company shall ensure that all the relevant employees are aware about the provenance claim and it procedures.

In case of any query/complaints/grievances/suggestion pertaining to provenance claim please contact on info@miragems.com